Interface: Statewide Emergency Operations Center - Emergency Vehicle

Statewide Emergency Operations Center to Emergency Vehicle Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

emergency acknowledge  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

Acknowledge request for emergency assistance and provide additional details regarding actions and verification requirements.

emergency data request  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

A request for additional information or a control command issued by the emergency response agency in response to an emergency request for assistance from a traveler.

emergency dispatch requests  (Planned)  

Emergency vehicle dispatch instructions including incident location and available information concerning the incident.

emergency dispatch response  (Planned)  

Request for additional emergency dispatch information and provision of en route status.

emergency notification  (Planned)  Applicable ITS Standards

An emergency request for assistance automatically initiated by a vehicle or originated by a traveler using an in-vehicle or personal device.

emergency vehicle tracking data  (Planned)  

The current location and operating status of the emergency vehicle.

incident status  (Planned)  

Information gathered at the incident site that more completely characterizes the incident and provides current incident response status.

suggested route  (Planned)  

Suggested route for a dispatched emergency or maintenance vehicle that may reflect current network conditions and the additional routing options available to en route emergency or maintenance vehicles that are not available to the general public.