Interface: Statewide Emergency Operations Center - E-911

Statewide Emergency Operations Center to E-911 Interface Diagram

Architecture Flow Definitions

incident notification  (Planned)  

The notification of an incident including its nature, severity, and location.

incident notification response  (Planned)  

Interactive acknowledgement and verification of the incident information received, requests for additional information, and general information on incident response status.

incident report  (Planned)  

Report of an identified incident including incident location, type, severity and other information necessary to initiate an appropriate incident response.

incident response coordination  (Planned)  

Incident response procedures and current incident response status that are shared between allied response agencies to support a coordinated response to incidents. This flow provides current situation information, including a summary of incident status and its impact on the transportation system and other infrastructure, and current and planned response activities. This flow also coordinates a positive hand off of responsibility for all or part of an incident response between agencies.