COAST Fixed Route Dispatch




Dispatch center for COAST Vehicles that will use scheduling/data collection software to assist in its operations. In the future, COAST Dispatch may also provide real-time transit information.


Cooperative Alliance for Seacoast Transportation (COAST)


Transit Management
Multimodal Transportation Service Provider

Interfaces To

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Amtrak Operations
CART Demand Response Transit Vehicles
COAST Bus Stops and Transfer Points
COAST Data Repository
COAST Demand Response Transit Vehicles
COAST Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
COAST System Operator
COAST Website
Dover Traffic Management System
Financial Institution
Health And Human Services
Local DPW
Local EOC
Local Media
Local Parking Management Systems
Local Public Safety Centers
Local Traffic Management Systems
Other Transit Provider Dispatch
Other Transit Provider Vehicles
Parking Facilities (Non-Municipal)
Personal Devices
Portsmouth Traffic Management System
Private Ground Transportation Services
Salem Traffic Management System
Somersworth Traffic Management System
Statewide Transportation Management Center
Traveler Card Update Devices
UNH Fixed Route Transit Vehicles