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MS4 Stormwater Permit Technical Assistance Grant Program and Application

The Rockingham Planning Commission (RPC) is pleased to announce technical assistance grants for municipalities subject to the EPA MS4 Stormwater Permit. The program will help fund preparation, compliance and implementation activities for the MS4 permit. RPC will offer municipalities limited direct technical assistance for services beginning September 1, 2017 through June 30, 2018. The MS4 Technical Assistance Grant Program will require a 50% cash match (1:1 cash match of grant amount) from the municipality. In addition, in-kind match such as staff time and other services to support activities are encouraged.

Full grant application details and how to apply are available below. Applications are due by August 25, 2017.

Available Funding and Costs:The RPC has set aside limited program funds for the MS4 Technical Assistance Grant Program to provide assistance that is supported by local matching funds. Funds are derived from different program areas; applications will be reviewed and matched with the appropriate funding source. Grants for participating municipalities will be limited to a maximum of $4,000 in grant funds for a total of $8,000 (including $4,000 cash match) in technical assistance. Municipalities are welcome to request additional technical assistance with their application or through a separate technical assistance contract.

Program Goals: The goal of the MS4 Technical Assistance Grant Program is to focus municipal efforts on: 1) preparation and capacity building activities, and 2) completing important tasks required in year 1 and year 2 of the EPA MS4 permit. Activities eligible for funding under the MS4 Technical Assistance Grant Program are listed below. All eligible activities should incorporate an engagement element to provide project updates/information to the public and gain input from municipal officials, staff, boards and commissions. Multiple activities and other activities not listed will be considered providing they meet project goals, satisfy an important local goal or gap, and can be accomplished within the prescribed timeframe and budget. Note: The estimated cost of each activity will vary depending on available data, size of the municipality, and complexity and scale of the activity.

Questions? Contact Julie LaBranche, Senior Planner, at (603) 658-0522 or if you have any questions about the MS4 Technical Assistance Program. We encourage municipalities to contact staff to discuss their proposals, scope of work and budgets in advance of applying to the grant program. Because some activities range in estimated cost, advance discussion about budget will likely be necessary.