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Help Keep Trash Out of Regional Waterways - Grant Funds Available, Due 9/21

Recycling Partnership is offering grants to help communities purchase new curbside recycling carts, funding cleanup activities, and providing public recycling receptacles.


Did you know that helping keep trash out of rivers, lake and ocean environments can be as easy as putting a lid on your recycling bin? The Recycling Partnership is offering grants to help communities with coastal shorelines purchase new curbside recycling carts, funding cleanup activities, and providing public recycling receptacles. The grant application is due by September 21, 2018 and all communities with coastal waterways (including Great Bay and Hampton Estuaries, and freshwater rivers that flow into these coastal waters) are eligible. Additional information about the grant is provided below.

The Recycling Partnership is a national non-profit organization that works across the United States to advance recycling and support public recycling programs.As a part of this work, The Partnership offers a range of free downloadable resources that communities can access to help them communicate with the public about recycling and support community work on fighting contamination.To access these resources, visit the “For Communities” web site.In addition to these no-cost resources, The Recycling Partnership also operates grant programs that provide funding for communities seeking to invest in their curbside recycling efforts.Communities interested in implementing a new curbside recycling program or moving an existing curbside recycling program from collection using bins to collection using carts can learn more by clicking here.

The Recycling Partnership just announced the Coastal and Waterway Community Recycling Grant Program which focuses support on communities with jurisdictional boundaries along oceans, coastal bays, intercoastal waterways, or major river systems.In addition to offering funding for curbside recycling, this new grant program also offers funding for coastal clean-up activities and public space recycling receptacles.Interested local governments should visit the following web sites for more information:

Grant funding is available for the following items:

  • Recycling Carts: $7 per recycling cart with a maximum grant award of $500,000;
  • Education and Outreach: $1 per household with a maximum grant award of $50,000
  • Litter Clean-up along Waterways: up to $10,000 in grant funding; and
  • Public Space Recycling Receptacles: up to $10,000 in grant funding.

Successful applicants must use grant funding directly toward the purchase of recycling carts to either transition from an open bin or bag-based curbside recycling collection system or start up a new cart-based curbside recycling collection program. Grant funding for carts will be provided at a rate $7.00 per cart delivered up to $500,000. Successful applicants will also receive funding for education and outreach implementation at a rate of $1.00 per household up to $50,000.

For more information about working with The Recycling Partnership, please email Rob Taylor at