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Performance Measures and Targets

Transit Asset Management Targets

The final rule on Transit Asset Management (49 CFR Part 625) requires transit agencies to set targets for transit assets by January 1st, 2017 and for MPOs to set regional targets 180 days after that. The intent of the regional target setting is to assess region-wide attainment of transit State of Good Repair (SGR) performance and better determine how funding decisions support regional targets for SGR. These targets cover four broad areas of asset categories: Equipment, Rolling Stock, Infrastructure, and Facilities. The RPC region includes no relevant transit infrastructure as defined in the TAM rule and therefore must only set targets for equipment, rolling stock, and facilities.

Targets are set by aggregating the existing asset inventory of rolling stock, equipment, and facilities from the three transit providers in the region (CART, COAST, and UNH Wildcat Transit) to develop a baseline regional inventory and understanding of what percentage of those assets are at or beyond their useful life as defined by the Federal Transit Administration (FTA). Expected replacements or additions to any of the existing inventory over the next year are then incorporated into the analysis to provide the FY 2018 Target.

The targets were approved by the MPO on July 12, 2017 and were be submitted to NHDOT to fulfill the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) requirements. While the exact methodology and timing is still being worked out, these targets will be updated when we update our Long Range Transportation Plan and/or TIP.

2017 RPC Transit Asset Management Targets

Highway Safety Performance Targets