APTS08-Transit Traveler Information




This service package provides transit users at transit stops and on-board transit vehicles with ready access to transit information. The information services include transit stop annunciation, imminent arrival signs, and real-time transit schedule displays that are of general interest to transit users. Systems that provide custom transit trip itineraries and other tailored transit information services are also represented by this service package.

Includes Elements

Transit Management Centers
Transit Vehicle
Transit Info Kiosks
Transit Info Displays
Transit Info Website
Transit Info Telephony System
Transit Info Database
Local Media
Personal Devices
Other Transit Management Centers
CART Demand Response Transit Vehicles
CART Demand Response Dispatch
CART Website
COAST Bus Stops and Transfer Points
COAST Demand Response Dispatch
COAST Demand Response Transit Vehicles
COAST Fixed Route Dispatch
COAST Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
COAST Website
UNH Fixed Route Dispatch
UNH Fixed Route Transit Vehicles
UNH Bus Stops and Transfer Points
UNH Website
CART Broker/Manager